From the USA to China! Ukraine has united 15 countries in a unique project of cultural diplomacy! Exhibition of the winners of the International Art Festival МАЛЮЙ.UA (PAINT.UA) in the I.P. Kavaleridze Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine, May 2021


Congratulations to the Winners of the International Art Festival MALUY.UA
(PAINT.UA)! Out of 222 finalists, a distinguished jury from 12 countries on 4 continents chose 74 Winners, whose works will be presented at an exhibition at the Kavaleridze Museum in Kyiv. The winners were young talented artists from 5 to 25 years old from Ukraine, Montenegro, Canada, USA, Armenia, Moldova, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

5 years
Alisa Maslovska, Ukraine
Gordiy Motor, Ukraine
6 years
Adeline Doyle, USA
Milana Holoborodko, Ukraine
Lana Vujosevic, Montenegro
7 years
Christina Spectorova, Ukraine
Yesenia Yakovleva, Ukraine
8 years
Vasilisa Bereznikova, Ukraine
Georgy Bogdasar, Ukraine
Anastasia Bogdanova, Ukraine
Kira Rozinkevych, Ukraine
9 years
Gretta Likhacheva, Ukraine
Anna Shlapak, Ukraine
10 years
Georgy Bastanzhiyan, Ukraine
Evelina Bardyuk, Ukraine
11 years
Nevena Savic, Montenegro
Dara Kiselyova, Ukraine
Stanko Katovych, Montenegro
12 years
Mia Nikolovski, Montenegro
Alicia Zakharova, Ukraine
Maria Nyzhnyk, Ukraine
Daryna Danilchenko, Ukraine
Anastasia Garina, Ukraine
13 years
Valeria Pavlyuchenkova, Ukraine
Elena Ilic, Serbia
Alice Burak, Ukraine
Tamara Zhivkovic, Montenegro
14 years old
Anna Naumenko, Ukraine
Daria Lipchevska, Ukraine
15 years
Sofia Lelyukh, Ukraine
Victoria Biletska, Ukraine
Iryna Savych, Montenegro
Alice Herman, Crimea
Lydia Bogolepova, Ukraine
16 years
Ilya Kharchenko, Ukraine
Mykola Terzic, Montenegro
Nicoleta Derivolkov, Moldova
Daria Vakhnovska, Ukraine
Bohdana Karpeniuk, Ukraine
17 years
Borko Popovic, Montenegro
Eduard Leahu, Moldova
Veronica Bondarenko, Canada
18 years
Adriana Deacon, Moldova
Kateryna Ardiyants, Ukraine
Polina Polozok, Ukraine
Vasile Koretchiy, Moldova
Diana Rumegea, Moldova
19 years old
Anastasia Kresinska, Ukraine
Anya Popovych, Montenegro
Margarita Pendur, Ukraine
20 years
Monica Salmanyan, Armenia
Yuro Kam, Ukraine
Olga Datsyuk, Ukraine
Panteley Bakhmatov, Ukraine
Kateryna Yukhnovska, Ukraine
21 years old
Victoria Mazur, Ukraine
Masha Ratknic, Montenegro
Yulia Savchenko, Ukraine
Lesya Kovalchyshyn, Ukraine
22 years old
Emina Nimanbegovic, Montenegro
Eugene Stronskaya, Ukraine
Ilya Gridin, Ukraine
Misak Hartenyan, Armenia
Oksana Laba, Ukraine
Sviatoslav Petryk, Ukraine
23 years old
Artem Brazhnyk, Ukraine
Diana Lavrishin, Canada
Zelica Vukovic, Montenegro
24 years
Violetta Dubovik, Ukraine
Olga Bogdanets, Ukraine
25 years
Ivan Voloshin, Ukraine
Iryna Yaremenko, Ukraine
Andriyana Dyakiv, Ukraine
Mykola Knezevic, Bosnia and Herzegovina

About festival

The International Art Festival МАЛЮЙ.UA (PAINT.UA) is organized by the Association for the Development of International Relations ADRUM, promotion and production company STUDIORAR under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine for the development of cultural diplomacy between nations, the creation and strengthening of ties between generations of different countries. New generations carry their vision to seniors in the format of international communication, which acquaints different countries with each other’s culture. A respected jury evaluating young talents identifies and directs future development trends of world culture.