Thanks a lot to our donators!

Since April 2022, the International Art Festival МАЛЮЙ.UA.WAR exists only thanks to donations. Every your penny helps the psychological rehabilitation of children and adults affected by the war in Ukraine, promotes the organization of exhibitions of their works in different countries, supports the organizers and staff of the festival, who are in Kyiv throughout the war.

Our donators:
  • Tatiana Derevinskaya, Ukraine
  • Aleksandra Lvin, USA
  • Tatiana Weinberg, USA
  • Iryna Osadovska, Ukraine
  • Bart Wansteinkiste Belgium
  • Literary Club "Hyssop", Belgium
  • Lilia Bokan, Moldova
  • Natalia Gatsenko, Ukraine
  • Jelena Nikolovski, Montenegro
  • Helena Jukic, Croatia
  • Tatiana Bogdanova, Ukraine
  • Iryna Zakharova, Ukraine
  • Damir Scarep, Montenegro
  • Natalka Kolosok, USA
  • Aleksandra Bozovic, 

  • Elena Sabry, USA
  • Tatiana Makarenko, Ukraine
  • "HackCafe HQ" Ukraine
  • Marina Lizavchuk, Ukraine
  • Natalia Orlovskaya, Ukraine
  • Artem Gatsenko, Ukraine
  • Oksana Verbovetska, Ukraine
  • Mariia Barchuk, Canada
  • Inna Shaverneva, Ukraine
  • Vita Gordienko, Ukraine
  • Ingalls Kuz', Ukraine 
  • Roman Horokhovskykh, Ukraine
  • Yuliia Barbash, Ukraine
  • Andrii Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine
  • Angela Zeynalova, Ukraine

We also sincerely thank the anonymous donators!The festival will exist as long as there is a war and while the organizers have the opportunity to organize it. We ask you to support the project and help Ukrainians!