30 works of talented children under the age of 13, participants of the VI International Art Festival МАЛЮЙ.UA (PAINT.UA), presented Ukraine in South Korea at the XXXIII International Children’s Art Exchange Exhibition in Pyeongtaek from May 13 to June 12, 2023. A total of 27 countries/regions participated in this year's Exhibition, including:

the Philippines, the Czech Republic, Pakistan, Peru, Latvia, Colombia, Norway, Morocco, Brazil, Ukraine, Paraguay, Poland, Mexico, Egypt, Croatia, Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia, China, France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Macau, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, South Korea. The main exhibition at Songtan Center ended on the 12th of June. The artworks have been moved to the Pyeongtaek train station and have been on display there since then. They'll soon be moved to local elementary schools in Pyeongtaek,and the exhibition will continue there until late October.

Last year Ukraine was represented for the first time at this powerful international festival also by the works of participants in the projects of the Association for the Development of International Relations ADRUM. The drawings of Ukrainian children going through the war so impressed society that after the festival an exhibition of young artists traveled around the country, and Russia was not invited to the festival this year.

Participants of the XXXIII International Children’s Art Exchange Exhibition:

George Bogdasar, 10 years old

Artem Gatsenko, 11 years old

Alisa Voloshyna, 11 years old

Timofey Mankov, 12 years old

Margarita Lobachova, 12 years old

Augustyn Luchkevich, 11 years old

Sofia Rozzuvaylo, 7 years old

Krystyna Spektorova, 9 years old

Marichka Vovk, 13 years old

George Bastanjiyan, 12 years old

Sofia Shchebetovska, 13 years old

Margarita Tereshchenko, 10 years old

Karina Zavarzina, 12 years old

Anastasia Medvedeva, 13 years old

Borys Gordienko, 8 years old

Anastasia Bohdanova, 10 years old

Victoria Kustovska, 9 years old

Mikaela Poda, 7 years old

Solomiya Starushchenko, 8 years old

Anastasia Petrovska, 10 years old

Oleksandra Nechitaylo, 6 years old

Veronika Ivantsova, 9 years old

Evgenia Gogots, 13 years old

Ksenia Mychko, 10 years old

Elizaveta Korneeva, 12 years old

Anna Sharynska, 13 years old

Sofiia Zemlyakova, 12 years old

Margarita Stratychuk, 7 years old

Yaroslava Teslevych, 13 years old

Kateryna Kyrychenko, 13 years old