How to take part

To take part in the International Art Festival МАЛЮЙ.UA.WAR, you need to send an email to the festival
• photos from 1 to 3 works
• your portrait photo
• your Instagram and Facebook accounts (if you have) so we can tag you
- phone with messenger (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)
• personal data in English:
- First Name, Last Name
- age
- country, city / village
- title, dimensions, materials and year of creation of the work (example: “Stand with Ukraine”, 20x30, watercolor, paper, 2022)
There are no restrictions on the format, materials or size of the work. Graphics, painting, collage, batik, applique, embroidery, mixed media, stained glass, computer graphics, sculptures, etc. are accepted.
The main condition is that the work should be on the topic of Russia's treacherous war in Ukraine.

04053, Ukraine, Kyiv, Turgenevska str, 72, of. 54

+38 067 409 41 55