The Jury - February 2022


Oleksandr Yunin

Chairman of the Jury, Ukraine

Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, Director of the Museum-Workshop IP Kavaleridze, the organizer of many cultural events. 


Bart Vansteenkiste

Member of the Jury, Belgium

A sculptor. He has worked for various theater houses as a scenographer, designer of total events, co-designer by architects. He was an associate professor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Ghent for 25 years, where he created two departments: "3D Multimedia" and "Sculpture Studio". He completed several portrait commissions for industrialists and the royal family. His sculptures are created silently in the studio for over 30 years. His works are about the Experience and translating the Experience. Breathing in the world, it becomes his experience, and breathing out again in poetry, in sculpture.


Alexander Tsugorka

Member of the Jury, Ukraine

Rector of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Candidate of Art History, Professor, Honored Artist of Ukraine.


Anastazija Miranovich

Member of the Jury, Montenegro

President of ICOM Montenegro. Long-term director of the National Museum of Montenegro, Director of the Office for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Montenegro, Member of the National Commission for UNESCO. Anastazija is a doctor of art history, she is art critic and museum consultant, curator of many important art events in Montenegro and abroad, where she promotes the country at major world art events, such as the Venice Biennale. Anastazija is an active participant in the Montenegrin fashion scene, she has created several incredible projects, including international ones, such as a multimedia project with Jean-Paul Gauthier. Anastazija is an important person in the cultural, social and political life in Montenegro and internationally.

Farzaliyev Genghis Abdul Medjidoglu

Jury member, Azerbaijan

Director of the Azerbaijan National Museum of Arts, Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Professor, Chairman of the State Expert Commission on Fine Arts. He is an honorary professor at the University of Cambridge (UK), the Kamoliddin Behzod National Institute of Fine Arts and Design of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, an honorary doctor of the Tbilisi Academy of Arts, a member of the International Academy of Turkic Studies. He has received numerous international awards, including the French Order of Art and Literature, the Leonard Euler Medal of the European Academy of Natural Sciences (Hanover, Germany), the Cambridge International Biographical Center Award, and others. Curator and participant of dozens of international art projects, author of more than 50 books on art.


Yulia Shilenko

Member of the Jury, Ukraine

Chief Curator of the Taras Shevchenko National Museum, a Member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). For many years of activity in the field of museum studies and preservation of cultural heritage she was awarded one of the highest state awards of Ukraine "Order of Merit of the III degree". She is engaged in research in the field of Shevchenko studies and museum studies. Yulia is an active participant in all-Ukrainian and international conferences. She participated in the construction of the expositions of the Taras Shevchenko National Museum in Kyiv, in Beijing (China) and Toronto (Canada). She conducts educational activities. Yulia is actively involved in the promotion of Ukrainian culture in the world and cultural diplomacy as a curator of various art projects in the museum and abroad.


Oliviero Rainaldi

Member of the Jury, Italy

His work focuses mainly on the human figure, analyzed in various environments of drawing, graphics, painting and sculpture. Among his projects there are installations in churches in Italy, a sculpture of Pope Paul II in Cinquecento Square in Rome, a large bas-relief of the Roman god Neptune to the 100th anniversary of the automobile company Maserati. Important solo exhibitions have taken place in various centers of world culture, including palaces, galleries and museums in Rome and Venice, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, the Mucciaccia Art Gallery in Singapore and the Petronas Gallery in Kuala Lumpur. The master's work includes interesting joint projects, such as an outdoor sculpture exhibition in Dubai with British sculptor Sir Tony Craig, which took place at the invitation of the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). Oliviero Rainaldi has been honored with many awards, including the European Personality Award at the Campidolio in Rome, the Brand Award from the Asia-Pacific Brand Foundation (APBF), the title of Academic of the Pontifical Academy of Fine Arts and Letters of the Virtuosi at the Pantheon which Pope John Paul II awarded him. Some of the artist’s artworks are present in permanent collections of national and international public institutions: the Stockholm City Hall (the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony location), at the UN Building in Geneva, at the Pontifical Council for Culture, Vatican, at the Soumaya Foundation, Mexico City and others.


Valery Franchuk

Member of the Jury, Ukraine

Painter - graphic artist – sculptor, People's Artist of Ukraine, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, laureate of the Taras Shevchenko National Prize of Ukraine, laureate of the Vasily Stus, winner of many awards. The artist created an author's style and art technique. For over 30 years he created more than 5,500 paintings, 1,300 graphic works and about 100 sculptures. He had more than 120 group and 180 solo exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. The works are stored in national museums, public organizations, cultural centers of Ukraine and around the world. 


Carlos García Lahoz

Member of the Jury, Spain

A sculptor and conceptual painter. He learned to work iron in metal installation and car repair workshops to express everything that moved him through geometry and philosophy. He is the creator of important international projects such as "Eight cities in Europe united by Art", "Maternal Instinct" , "R-evolution and “Twin Souls” where Francisco de Goya and Taras Shevchenko were joined through ten of his sculptures. His sculptures and paintings can be seen in various squares and museums in Spain, Ukraine, Georgia and China. Carlos is very active in social projects as important as the reinsertion of prisoners through art. The Ukrainian city Uman opened a park named after him in October 2018 which is dedicated to Spanish culture. He represented Spain at the first festival of contemporary art in Islamabad, Pakistan, in 2019, where one of his sculptures will be installed in 2021. The tireless artist is working on numerous projects that will soon be exhibited in South Africa, Colombia, the United States, Pakistan and Ukraine.


Oksana Fursa

Member of the Jury, Ukraine

An artist, rector of Salvador Dali Academy of Contemporary Arts, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor, President of the Confederation of Designers and Stylists of Ukraine. The original author's technique is based on the play of light and shadow in stylized objects. Numerous personal exhibitions and participation in joint projects have gained recognition and commitment of many connoisseurs of beauty in Ukraine and abroad. Along with active artistic activity, Oksana is a well-known organizer of design, educator and scientist in Ukraine and abroad.


Mirko Dragovich

Member of the Jury, Montenegro

A painter, Member of the Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro, author of numerous solo exhibitions in Montenegro and abroad. He more than 10 years works as an art teacher with children with disabilities, with whom he organized more than 25 exhibitions


Anastasiya Siro

Member of the Jury, USA

Partner and Head of Americas for House of the Nobleman (“HotN”) London, New York, which provides consulting and services in the field of art. She is art critic and curator of exhibitions of young artists in New York, London and the Venice Biennale. Young Collectors Council Acquisitions Committee The Guggenheim Museum, New York. Anastasiya is organizer of patronage projects and curator of the artists' auction at The Watermill Art Center, New York.

Озлем Єні

Ozlem Yeni

Member of the Jury, Australia

An international artist and director/founder of The Main Gallery in Adelaide Australia. Before becoming a full-time artist, she enjoyed an 18-year academic career as a lecturer in Theatre Stage Design, where she attained a Master’s Degree and PhD. She has had a number of solo and group exhibitions in Turkey, Japan, Albania and Australia. Her paintings and clay works can be found in private collections in many countries.


Mykola Sologub

Member of the Jury, Ukraine

An artist, his works are stored in museums and galleries in Ukraine and abroad. A technique that allows the artist to get closer to his goal is the fusion of book graphics and sculpture. He has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in Ukraine, Italy, USA, China, Germany, France, Lithuania, Canada and other countries. For many years he illustrated the literary and art magazine "Gilgemesh", which he founded together with Andriy Gushchin.


Federico Arnaud

Member of the Jury, Uruguay

A sculptor, professor at the University of Católica in Uruguay, winner of many Uruguayan and international awards and prizes. He creates sculptures, installations, videos and performances. Federico is a representative of Uruguay at numerous biennials and exhibitions in Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil and other countries. His sculptures adorn the capital of Uruguay - Montevideo. The master's works are in public and private collections in Uruguay and other countries. 

Federico has worked as a coordinator of visual arts in the directory of culture from the ministry of education and culture in Uruguay for several years, participated in the jury of the competitive funds for culture, on the international call for the contemporary arts culture center's art program exhibition and in a jury in the Paul Cezanne prize. 


Mykola Zinchenko

Member of the Jury, Ukraine

ARSANI Auction Director. Founder of the service for artists Promotion Gallery. Art dealer, auctioneer, scientist, art critic.


Nadezda Pashkevych

Member of the Jury, Belarus

An artist, winner of many international projects, author of solo and group in Belarus, Ukraine, China and other countries. The works are in state museums of Belarus and Ukraine and private galleries and collections around the world.


Giuseppe Mele

Member of the Jury, Italy

Professor of the media industry, member of the Council for Digital Culture Agid, co-organizer of international art projects, such as exhibitions of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Paris in San Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai and other places. He actively develops cultural diplomacy between Italy and Ukraine and other countries.


Suren Safaryan (Safar)

Member of the Jury, Armenia

An artist, President of the Union of Artists of Armenia, Chairman of the Boards of Trustees of the State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia, Lecturer at the State Academy of Fine Arts of Armenia. Member of UNESCO and many international professional unions. Solo and group exhibitions were held in Armenia, Hungary, France, Germany, Belarus, China, Slovenia, Italy, USA and other countries. Organizer of several dozen exhibitions and international projects and also designer of puppet shows and open-air festivals in Armenia, Italy and other countries.


Gordana Tomashevich

Member of the Jury, Montenegro

Long-term director of the Higher School of Arts. Petara Lubardi in Cetinje, Professor of Fine Arts, initiator and organizer of many educational programs, seminars, festivals and competitions, as well as other events that develop education and art. Among them - the organization of more than 30 exhibitions of works by students of GSOM. Petara Lubardi, development of educational programs in various fields for children and youth, conferences in the field of general and secondary vocational education, etc.


Matan Vuksevich

Member of the Jury, Montenegro

An artist, who in addition to painting is also engaged in performance art and advertising. Teaches young talents at his drawing school MatoArt in the Montenegrin capital Podgorica.


Lyudmila Pogorelova

Member of the Jury, Canada

Director of the Taras Shevchenko Museum (Toronto). She forms and creates permanent and temporary exhibitions, develops thematic tours, deals with museum archives and the library, maintains relations with other museums and Ukrainian organizations in Canada and Ukraine, participates in joint project in Canada, USA and Ukraine, develops and organizes traveling exhibitions, conducts educational work, constantly promotes Ukrainian culture in the English-speaking environment.


Tamaz Avaliani

Member of the Jury, Geogria

The only graphic artist in the world who has mastered the unique author's technique of creating paintings with an ordinary black ballpoint pen. He is author of solo exhibitions and participant in numerous joint projects held in Georgia, Ukraine, Spain, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Turkey and other countries. For 23 years, he has created more than 600 works of art, which have earned him recognition as artists, art lovers, and art collectors in Georgia and abroad. Many of Avaliani's works are in private collections in Germany, Spain, France, Switzerland, USA and other countries. 


Chi Shaotin

Member of the Jury, China

An artist, calligrapher and teacher of fine arts, member of the Public Club of Culture of China. She works in the unique Chinese technique of Ce-i (expressing ideas). The artist cares more about the expression of spiritual mood on rice paper than about the transfer of details and the accuracy of external features. Everything according to the philosophy of Chinese painting is beauty and wisdom in simplicity. Therefore, the picture shows such techniques as generalization, hyperbolization, abstraction. She studied with prominent artists in China, Chang Yuan, Chang Huayong and Liu Zungang. Her works are stored in museums and galleries in different countries. Chi Shaotin has participated in many solo and group exhibitions in China, Ukraine, the United States, Spain and other countries. Working as an art teacher for more than 10 years she has her own school "Celestial Culture".


Oleksandr Udra (UDRA)

Member of the Jury, Ukraine

An artist, organizer of the International Art Festival MALYUY.UA, curator of international art projects. He raises the themes of ecology and responsible consumption, his exhibitions have been successfully held in Ukraine and the Balkans. The author's style combines a creative vision and a technological approach to performance - critics and the media have called it a new direction in contemporary art.


Tatiana Kolesnichenko

Member of the Jury, Ukraine

A founder and director of the International Art Festival MALYUY.UA, head of promotion and production STUDIORAR, president of the Association for the Development of International Relations ADRUM. She actively develops cultural diplomacy, organizing projects between Ukraine and China, Germany, USA, Great Britain, Montenegro, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Uruguay, Canada and other countries.


Wei Limin

Member of the Jury, China

a member of The Association of Chinese Artists of Ukraine general director of the Ukrainian-Chinese Center for Culture and Education, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Arts A. Avdievsky of National Ukrainian Pedagogical University. Her activities contribute to the expansion of creative cooperation and exchange of cultural experience between the People's Republic of China and Ukraine.


Asker Javadov

Member of the Jury, Azerbaijan

Painter, member of the National Union of Artists of Azerbaijan, participant in many international art projects, personal and joint exhibitions around the world. He has received many awards, including the 100 Years of Diplomatic Relations between Ukraine and Azerbaijan. The works are in private collections in Western Europe, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Turkey.


Petro Bevza

Member of the Jury, Ukraine

The artist, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, works in the genres of painting, sculpture, landscape in the areas of post-avant-garde and neo-expressionism. Personal and group exhibitions, as well as art projects initiated and participated by the artist have been successfully held in various countries around the world.

Eldar Hajiyev

Jury member, Azerbaijan

An artist, member of the Union of Artists of Azerbaijan, creator of unique carpets on national subjects. Personal exhibitions were successfully held in France, the United Arab Emirates, Ukraine and other countries. Author's works are in private collections and in museums around the world.