Terms of participation in the International Music Festival MUSIC.UA.WAR

About the project 

The MUSIC.UA.WAR International Music Festival is a special project of the  2220 International Music Festival, which has been organized since 2019 in Kyiv by  the Association for the Development of International Relations ADRUM and the  promotion and production company STUDIORAR under the patronage of the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the Ministry of Culture and Information  Policy of Ukraine and Kyiv city government. The festival develops the vocal and  visual aesthetics of the world music space, creates and strengthens international ties,  promotes young talents and the development of cultural diplomacy. In total, 22  countries of the world were involved in the festival: Ukraine, Canada, Great Britain,  France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Belarus, the  Philippines, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Moldova,  Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkey. 

The international music festival MUSIC.UA.WAR has been held since 2022  and is planned to be held until the end of the treacherous war of the Russian  Federation against Ukraine. First of all, the festival is held as a kind of art therapy for  Ukrainians, the presented video clips reflect the pain and horror of war, the resilience  and courage of the Ukrainian people, faith in victory and hope for a bright future for  Ukraine. Also, the works of the festival are evidence of the war embodied in the  audio-visual form of a video clip. The festival gathers participants from different  parts of Ukraine, including temporarily occupied territories. The works of other  countries reflect the global world support for Ukraine. The first stage of the festival  ended in the summer of 2023, MUSIC.UA.WAR II is the second stage, which will be  held until March 2024. 

Terms of participation in the International Music Festival MUSIC.UA.WAR II 

• Musicians of any age can take part in the project, from children to the older  generation - there is no age limit. 

• Duration of the festival: October 2023 - March 2024. 

• Application deadline: until March 31, 2024. 

• The number of works submitted by one participant is one per year. • Video language - any. 

• Topic of the video: any. 

• Authorship of the song/work: any.

• Format: vocalists, instrumentalists, dancers, etc. can participate in the project - the  main thing is that the video should have music. 

• There are no restrictions on the number - it can be a solo, duet, trio, quartet, choir,  band, dance group, etc. 

• Technical requirements: full HD is welcome, but there are no restrictions, the main  thing is a clear image and good sound: 

- the video can be recorded on a camera/cameras or on a phone; 

- it can be horizontal or vertical; 

- one frame or mounted; 

- live sound or studio recording, combined voice and music; 

- the video must be without subtitles - the festival imposes its own subtitles. 

First round 

To participate, you need to send to the festival's email address  2220festival@gmail.com

• a link to the video on YouTube and to a file exchange (WeTransfer, Fex.net, etc.) or  to Google Drive with 2220festival@gmail.com access to the file; 

• questionnaire data in Ukrainian and English: 

- name, surname or team name 

- age 

- country, city/village 

- the name of the song 

- authors of music/words 

- authors of the video: director of the video (whose idea) - must be specified, others  are optional. 

- your Facebook and Instagram accounts, if you have one. 

- phone with messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) 

Selection technology: 

• All applications (links to the video and application data in English) are accepted by  the organizing committee via e-mail 2220festival@gmail.com. After consideration of  the application, each participant receives a letter by e-mail whether he passed the  casting. If for some reason the video did not pass the casting, the participant is also  notified by email. Possible reasons why a video may not pass casting: 

- Poor technical quality (blurred video, hard to hear sound, etc.). 

- Inadmissible ethical points - are considered purely individually in the context. - Unsatisfactory aesthetic level. 

Due to possible bombings, power outages and other circumstances in the state of war,  the answer to your application may not come immediately. But the organizers will  certainly accept and consider the application of each participant. 

The second round 

Your application is considered by the organizing committee (usually from  several hours to three days). If you received on e-mail confirming that you passed the  casting, you need to pay a fee of UAH 2,000 to the details specified in the letter. You  can pay the equivalent in another currency in a convenient way for you: 


Tatiana Kolesnichenko 




Tatiana Kolesnichenko 

Privat bank 




Western Union 

Tatiana Kolesnichenko 

Kyiv, Ukraine 

Please send a screenshot or receipt to our email address 2220festival@gmail.com. 

The participant who passed the casting and paid a fee becomes the Winner of  the festival. 


• Diploma of the Winner of the International Music Festival MUSIC.UA.WAR II,  which is sent to e-mail in two versions - one for printing, the other for the Internet. • The winner's video clip is posted on the festival's resources - the YouTube channel,  Facebook and Instagram: 

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPsjaUNg9g769mX_UNm3BIQ https://www.facebook.com/2220InternationalMusicFestival 


• Each participant's video clip may be selected by Ukrainian and foreign mass media  for broadcasting. 

We invite you to participate in the festival!