Terms of participation in the International Music Festival MUSIC.UA.WAR

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Terms of participation in the International Music Festival MUSIC.UA.WAR

• Participation in the festival is free, but if possible, we ask that you make a donation in a convenient way for you:


Tatiana Kolesnichenko





Tatiana Kolesnichenko

Privat bank




Western Union
Tatiana Kolesnichenko
Kyiv, Ukraine

Please send a screenshot or receipt to our email address 2220festival@gmail.com - we will thank you on our resources.

• Musicians of any age can take part in the project, from children to the older generation - there is no age limit.

• The duration of the festival: until the end of the war between the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

• The number of works submitted by one participant is one per year.

• Video language - any.

• Authorship of the song/work: any.

• Format: vocalists, instrumentalists, dancers, etc. can participate in the project - the main thing is that the video should have music.

• There are no restrictions on the number - it can be a solo, duet, trio, quartet, choir, band, dance group, etc.

• Technical requirements: full HD is welcome, but there are no restrictions, the main thing is a clear image and good sound:

- the video can be recorded on a camera/cameras or on a phone;

- it can be horizontal or vertical;

- one frame or mounted;

- live sound or studio recording, combined voice and music;

- the video must be without subtitles - the festival imposes its own subtitles.


• Topic of the video: Russia's war against Ukraine. Possible video options:

- Ukrainian song/piece.

- A song/piece of any other country that shows support for Ukraine (either in the text or in the video – the colors of the Ukrainian flag, etc. – or both in the text and in the video).

- Videos with war photos/videos.

- Videos with photos/videos of Ukrainian cities, towns, historical monuments, nature, etc.

- Videos with photos/videos of support for Ukraine from various countries (meetings, concerts, exhibitions, etc.).

- The video can be with the presence of the participant/participants in the frame or without the presence in the frame (sound behind the frame).

- These and other types of videos are accepted at your discretion, the main thing is that they reflect support for Ukraine in the terrible war, faith in the victory of Ukraine and the bright future of our country and the whole world.


To participate, you need to send to the festival's email address 2220festival@gmail.com:

• a link to the video on YouTube and to a file exchange (WeTransfer, Fex.net, etc.) or to Google Drive with 2220festival@gmail.com access to the file;

• questionnaire data in Ukrainian and English:

- name, surname or team name

- age

- country, city/village

- the name of the song

- authors of music/words

- authors of the video: director of the video (whose idea) - must be specified, others are optional.

- your Facebook and Instagram accounts, if you have one

- phone with messengers (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram)

- the history of the creation of the work (what inspired you, what were the feelings during creation, where and when the work was created, during which events, etc.)

In the subject of the letter, write: MUSIC.UA.WAR.


Selection technology:

• All applications (links to the video and application data in English) are accepted by the organizing committee via e-mail 2220festival@gmail.com. After consideration of the application, each participant receives a letter by e-mail whether he passed the casting. If for some reason the video did not pass the casting, the participant is also notified by email. Possible reasons why a video may not pass casting:

- Poor technical quality (blurred video, hard to hear sound, etc.).

- Inadmissible ethical points - are considered purely individually in the context.

- Unsatisfactory aesthetic level.

• After passing the casting, the participant becomes the Winner of the festival.

• After confirmation of participation, the video of the participant is posted on the YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram pages of the festival:




Due to possible bombings, power outages and other circumstances in the state of war, the answer to your application may not come immediately. But the organizers will certainly accept and consider the application of each participant.

What project participants get

  • Winner's diploma - at the end of each month, diplomas will be sent to new winners by e-mail in two versions - one for printing, the other for the Internet.

  • The video clip of the winner is posted on the resources of the festival - YouTube channel, Facebook and Instagram.

  • The video clip of each participant can be selected by Ukrainian and foreign mass media for broadcasting.

  • A participant's video clip can take part in international projects - from July 20 to August 20, 2023, an exhibition of Festival Winners was held in the Central Park of Culture and Recreation in Kyiv near the Arch of Freedom of the Ukrainian People, where photos and video clips of the participants were presented with a QR code with a transition to video clips on YouTube channels of the festival. Other events may be organized with the participation of the Festival Winners.

We invite you to participate in the festival!