From June 19 to 23, an exhibition was held in Seoul, the capital of the country, where the works of Ukrainian children were presented. There were pictures of the participants of International Art Festivals MAЛЮЙ.UA (PAINT.UA) and MAЛЮЙ.UA.WAR (PAINT.UA.WAR) held under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine. At the exhibition "Yongsan International Peace Art Exhibition "Ukraine's resilience", dedicated to peace in Ukraine, the works of artist Maria Chornozhukova and a number of Korean and foreign artists with wishes for peace in Ukraine were also presented. We sincerely thank the Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Korea for fruitful cooperation!

Participants of the exhibition in Seoul:

Tymofiy Mankov, 12 years old, Mykolaiv, "In memory of those killed in Mykolaiv"

Anastasia Donets, 15 years old, Kyiv, "Unconquered"

Maksym Rud, 13 years old, Vilshanka, "Guardian of the Family"

Mykola Stepanov, 15 years old, Kyiv, "Fatality"

Alisa Bosnenko, 10 years old, Znamenka, "STOP WAR"

Sofia Borozenets, 13 years old, Kyiv, "Never again?"

Valery Petlyovana, 14 years old, Uman, "Ukraine unites hearts"

Alisia Zakharova, 14 years old, Kyiv, "Lost"

Anna Sharynska, 13 years old, Kyiv, "A friend will not leave"

Evgenia Gogots, 13 years old, Ivano-Frankivsk, "I stand because I have wings"