Classic of the Future


On February 24, to the year of Russia's insidious war against Ukraine, the exhibition "Classics of the future" by the Ukrainian artist from Kyiv Oleksandr Udra was opened at the King Nikola Palace Museum in the city of Bar in Montenegro. Oleksandr’s works combine and represent his main artistic directions - directing and visual art. The artist created the images, the director made them "alive". In this multimedia project, the means of implementation are not brushes, paints, palettes, but people, objects and modern technologies. Previously, the project was presented in the Taras Shevchenko National Museum in Kyiv, in the capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, and in the unique cultural environment of the Montenegrin city of Kotor. Critics and mass media called the project a new trend of art. The exhibition consists of twelve works dedicated to humanity - its past, present and future. Oleksandr’s works to convey that the achievements of modern society, based on the best of the past, and their sustainable and responsible interrelationship, can be found in the future, expanding our possibilities in a new circle of civilization. The months-long process of creating the images culminates in augmented reality, into which the visitor is immersed via a QR code.

The organizers of the exhibition are the Association for the Development of International Relations ADRUM from Kyiv and the Cultural Center of Bar. The accompanying program of the opening was attended by the choir of Antivari Musica under the direction of master Mir Kruščić, accompanied by professor Olena Dobrković on piano, trumpeter Uros Suchić and guitarist Peja Džikanovych. The exhibition "Classics of the Future" by Oleksandr Udra was opened by the president of the Association for the Development of International Relations ADRUM Tetiana Kolesnichenko and art critic, director of the King Nichola Palace Museum, doctor of art history Anastasia Miranovych, who, in particular, noted: "Ukraine is the country from which the artist's paintings came to us, has been fighting for his survival for a year. The Ukrainian scenario could be anywhere in the world tomorrow. Oleksandr Udra opposes destruction, violence and war with his art. His art is with us as a form of resistance to all the destruction that is driving humanity to death and extinction, in the name of self-awareness and enlightenment. For harmony, art, beauty, joy, peace within us and in the world, which are/should remain "classics of the future".

The exhibition was planned to be held until March 20 and was extended until April 1.