Exhibition of Winners 2023

Musical evidence of war

From July 20 to August 20, 2023, a unique cultural project took place - an exhibition of the winners of the MUSIC.UA.WAR International Music Festival, which presented video clips about the insidious war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. The open-air exhibition in the Central Park of Culture and Recreation of Kyiv near the Arch of Freedom of the Ukrainian People (Volodymyrsky Uzviz, 2) brought together the works of musicians of various genres aged from 6 to 79 years old from Ukraine, Canada, and the United States. At the exhibition, you could see footage from the clips, next to each - a QR code with a link to the winner's video on the festival's YouTube channel.

The festival is organized by the Association for the Development of International Relations ADRUM and STUDIORAR under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine and the Kyiv City Government. Many thanks for the help in the implementation of the project to Anastasia Syro, as well as The Cifers Foundation, Tetyana Derevinska, Tetyana Weinberg, Natalka Kolosok, the AK-Group printing house, the director of the Central Park Andriy Karpenko and the park team for their fruitful cooperation.

The festival was organized as art therapy for Ukrainians, and it also collected evidence of the war in musical form. This project is the embodiment of the spirit and beauty of the soul of the Ukrainian people in music.

Photo: Oleg Soshko

Winners of the MUSIC.UA.WAR International Music Festival:

Olga Procyshina, Sofia Maryniak, Sofia Isak, KHORTA, Vlad Roze, Marina Kovalenko, Ivan Klymenko, Veronika and Sofia Kuchma, New people, Dmytro Banar, OUTSIDE, Valeria Okhtyrchanka, Dave Knapp, Oleg Koshovyi, BeAtriS, Yaroslav and Marina Kosolap, Andriy Kravchenko, Diana Danyliuk, MOLODI&Ostrovskyi, GREMO, Stanem band, Angelina Martyniuk, Kateryna Vasylenko, BROVSKYI, Vocal-show band "Suzirya", Solomiya Fediv, Children of Ukraine, Olya Pankiv, THE LOCKDOWN KIDS, Ensemble "MIX", Mary Linor, Ella Kryvchenko, StellarSun, PALANT, Zlata Barchuk, Emir Zeynalov, Crazy Lazy Band, Olya Nesterko, Pavlo Rudenko, Vitalina Bessonova, VadioRadio, Sofia Dolya.

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